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Give nothing to Racism

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Racism starts small. Sometimes it lives in everyday actions and comments that we laugh off, nod in agreement to, excuse, and therefore accept. But we don’t have to. We can stop casual racism from growing into something more extreme. We can give it no encouragement. No […]

Mai Chen: Multiple Ground Discrimination

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Published by the New Zealand Law Society in LawTalk. A 21st century necessity. A new report by the Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business, to be published on or before February 2017, examines the need for an intersectional approach […]

How superdiversity can give your business an edge

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Published in the Spark Digital New Zealand As New Zealand becomes even more of a melting pot, businesses need to expand their thinking beyond traditional Kiwi audiences. Matching the market’s superdiversity is a way to super-charge results. We speak with […]