Community Contribution

Community Contribution

Mai Chen undertakes a range of pro bono work including writing fortnightly articles for the New Zealand Herald, appearing each month on Radio New Zealand programmes, Nine to Noon and The Panel with Jim Mora, writing regular articles for The Press and regular appearances on Native Affairs current events programme on Maori Television. These publications, and regular and incidental media appearances involve Mai commentating on public and employment law issues that inform the general public. Additionally, Chen Palmer writes a monthly column in the New Zealand Lawyer magazine to raise awareness of issues within the legal fraternity.

Mai Chen and Chen Palmer staff regularly speak at events for a range of organisations, including for example Social Services Providers Aotearoa, Pasifika Languages Coalition, girls state schools, international womens day conferences, New Zealand Federation of Multi-Cultural Councils, International Conference of Thinking, New Zealand Drug Foundation.

Chen Palmer undertakes pro bono work for a significant non-profit organisation that seeks to meet the holistic needs of vulnerable groups in Cambodia (including slum people, orphans, prisoners, young girls).

Mai Chen also teaches the Public Law Toolbox at the Auckland University Business School and the Auckland Law School, with the intention of training more lawyers and business people to understand the relevance and the working of Government.

Mai Chen was the inaugural Chair started the New Zealand Global Women organisation, which is a Charitable Trust established to promote, encourage and facilitate the development of New Zealand women leaders.

Mai Chen also established New Zealand Asian Leaders, an professional organisation for high achieving Asians New Zealanders to ensure their greater participation in New Zealand companies doing business in Asia and to mentor emerging leaders to break through the bamboo ceiling.

We have also done a wide range of pro bono work for other organisations including for a large Zoo; a significant health foundation; a school for Teenage Parents; a bilingual education coalition; and a significant society that helps people with learning disabilities.

In 2011 and 2012, Mai Chen wrote the Public Law Toolbox, a resource for lawyers, advocates and industry associations, business people, citizens, and government organisations.