December 3, 2017

How I have found working at Chen Palmer

Veronica Cress

I have found working at Chen Palmer interesting, exciting, and rewarding.  The work is diverse and wide ranging.  It covers everything from civil litigation to briefing Ministers and includes many other less well known ways of resolving disputes and influencing government, law and policy.  Clients often come in with urgent and critical legal, political, or commercial problems that are matters of life and death for their business or organisation.  Deadlines are often tight and standards are high.  Helping clients overcome seemingly impossible odds is very rewarding.

 Chen Palmer is a great place to work.  The lawyers that work here are all  individually outstanding in their own right and their ability to work together as a team is impressive.  People are friendly and helpful.  Mai Chen leads by example and is the total package of: legal book-smarts , political  street-smarts, and commercial savvy.  Although I’ve been a lawyer for 20 years, I still appreciate and value being part of a firm that brings new opportunities to learn and be challenged every day.