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Book Review: Transforming Auckland - The Creation of Auckland Council

22 Jul 2014 / News articles

This book details the creation of Auckland Council, largely from the perspective of a variety of key people involved in the creation of the new Supercity.


Outcome of website court case will be tricky

15 Jul 2014 / News articles

There's a lot of interest from other organisations in the outcome of a court challenge to electoral rules, by environmental groups pushing the issue of climate change.


Mai Chen: No dreams left undone

11 Jul 2014 / News articles

November will mark 20 years since Mai Chen co-founded public law firm Chen Palmer. Now a prominent industry figure, Chen tells Mackenzie McCarty about the firm’s future and an inescapable client shift


Mai Chen: Hair decision won't alter schools' ability to enforce rules

02 Jul 2014 / News articles

Founding Partner Mai Chen on the impact of the High Court's decision overturning Lucan Battison's suspension for refusing to cut his hair.


Mai Chen: Regulators struggle with new technologies

30 Jun 2014 / News articles

From 3D printing to Bitcoin via Uber, DIY drones, blogging and social media, it seems every week brings a new challenge for regulators to grapple with.


Mai Chen: The importance of settling cases early

25 Jun 2014 / News articles

If you are going to settle a case, do it early.


Chen Palmer announces new Partner

18 Jun 2014 / Media releases

Mai Chen, Founding Partner at Chen Palmer New Zealand Public and Employment Law Specialists, is delighted to announce that Senior Associate James Dunne will be joining the partnership, subject to the approval of the Law Society.


Exclusive: Chen Palmer announces introduction of equity partnership

11 Jun 2014 / News articles

Chen Palmer founding partner, Mai Chen, has announced that the firm will soon restructure to accommodate other equity partners.


Mai Chen: Match fixing legislation needs to become law

10 Jun 2014 / News articles

Minister for Sport Murray McCully's Crimes (Match-fixing) Amendment Bill, which was introduced this month, specifically makes match-fixing (that is, any act or omission done with intent to influence a betting outcome of a sporting competition or dog race other than for tactical or strategic sporting reasons) a criminal offence.


Staff Profile: Sarah Mead, Law Clerk

09 Jun 2014 / News articles

Sarah started at Chen Palmer earlier this year after completing her studies at Victoria University.