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Mai Chen appointed to BNZ board

21 Apr 2015 / News articles

BNZ today announced that Chen Palmer Founding Partner Mai Chen has been appointed to the BNZ board of directors.


Mai Chen:Cultural diversity in cities a challenge to decision-making

17 Apr 2015 / News articles

CQ (as it is defined by Julia Middleton, author of a new book by that name and one of our teachers), is different from IQ, and is the ability to lead people from cultures other than your own. The key issue is how to move the cultural intelligence lines in institutions and on boards to maximize the benefits of diversity, or as Middleton says, to give leaders crossing borders a competitive edge.


Reviews and You: A Guide to ERO Reviews

14 Apr 2015 / News articles

There has been much discussion about the Education Review Office (ERO) reviews for early childhood services in recent editions of Swings + Roundabouts


Public Law Toolbox 2nd Edition Launch

14 Apr 2015 / Photos


Marina Matthews: Planning for the 2015 investment plan season

09 Apr 2015 / News articles

Information released by the TEC to Chen Palmer shows that 185 PTEs were recommended for two year plans following the last funding cycle, and 110 PTEs were recommended to remain on one year plans.


Mai Chen: St Bede's decision raises questions

25 Mar 2015 / News articles

The case of St Bede's College students, Jordan Kennedy and Jack Bell, breaching the Civil Aviation Rules while on a school rowing trip raises the following questions.


Live big lives to succeed - Mai Chen

18 Mar 2015 / News articles

"The people who do nothing and the people who change the world have the same amount of time."


Nick Russell: Court decision on insolvency victory for the little guy

20 Feb 2015 / News articles

Clawbacks have been a particular issue in construction because a single development can have contractors who are at risk if the developer becomes insolvent.


Mai Chen: Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand

11 Feb 2015 / News articles

Credibility - as earned through example - is how Mai Chen has been able to grow Chen Palmer, the first public law firm in New Zealand


Nick Russell: Video of sex-romp couple highlights privacy problems in digital age

06 Feb 2015 / News articles

Lights, action...cameras. The Christchurch couple were filmed by patrons at a bar.