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Chen Palmer is at the cutting edge of public law and employment law – so there’s always lots going on. Here you can find media releases, articles and presentations by us, and examples of our work in the news.

Mai Chen: New powers to compel will drive Judith Collins inquiry

01 Sep 2014 / News articles

Founding Partner Mai Chen writes about the inquiry regarding Judith Collins


Where does the buck stop - Choosing the right contract when hiring staff

04 Aug 2014 / News articles


Mai Chen: Leaders best take notice of changing NZ

01 Aug 2014 / News articles

Race-based policies appeal to a shrinking demographic and binding referendums could easily backfire


Book Review: Transforming Auckland - The Creation of Auckland Council

22 Jul 2014 / News articles

This book details the creation of Auckland Council, largely from the perspective of a variety of key people involved in the creation of the new Supercity.


Outcome of website court case will be tricky

15 Jul 2014 / News articles

There's a lot of interest from other organisations in the outcome of a court challenge to electoral rules, by environmental groups pushing the issue of climate change.


Mai Chen: No dreams left undone

11 Jul 2014 / News articles

November will mark 20 years since Mai Chen co-founded public law firm Chen Palmer. Now a prominent industry figure, Chen tells Mackenzie McCarty about the firm’s future and an inescapable client shift


Mai Chen: Hair decision won't alter schools' ability to enforce rules

02 Jul 2014 / News articles

Founding Partner Mai Chen on the impact of the High Court's decision overturning Lucan Battison's suspension for refusing to cut his hair.


Mai Chen: Regulators struggle with new technologies

30 Jun 2014 / News articles

From 3D printing to Bitcoin via Uber, DIY drones, blogging and social media, it seems every week brings a new challenge for regulators to grapple with.


Mai Chen: The importance of settling cases early

25 Jun 2014 / News articles

If you are going to settle a case, do it early.


Exclusive: Chen Palmer announces introduction of equity partnership

11 Jun 2014 / News articles

Chen Palmer founding partner, Mai Chen, has announced that the firm will soon restructure to accommodate other equity partners.


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