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Mai Chen: A win for low-paid women everywhere

31 Oct 2014 / News articles

Terranova Homes & Care Limited v Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Toa Incorporated and Anor


Claire English: Tea breaks gone by lunchtime? 'Absolutely not'

29 Oct 2014 / News articles

40,000 sign "save our tea break" petition


Staff Profile: Kate Broadhurst, Intermediate Associate

28 Oct 2014 / News articles


Mai Chen becomes Adjunct Professor at the Auckland Law School

25 Oct 2014 / News articles


Breaking: Top kiwi lawyer appointed adjunct Professor

24 Oct 2014 / News articles

Chen, the Founding Partner at Chen Palmer, has just been appointed an adjunct Professor in the University of Auckland's Faculty of Law from January 2015


Mai Chen on The Nation

18 Oct 2014 / News articles

Lisa Owen wraps up the week in politics with investigative journalist Jon Stephenson, Chen Palmer Founding Partner Mai Chen & PR consultant Trish Sherson.


Mai Chen: Boss cant stop staff playing politics

17 Oct 2014 / News articles

Whangarei Council case a timely reminder to employers that staff are safeguarded by powerful legislation


Marina Matthews: Reading the Signs - What the election means for the PTE Sector

05 Oct 2014 / News articles

What are the signs that PTEs should be reading about what the priorities are for the incoming Government.


Mai Chen: MMP keeps governments honest

03 Oct 2014 / News articles

System demanded change after Labour and National embarked on radical programmes without mandate


James Dunne: How to read the tea leaves for the next three years

03 Oct 2014 / News articles

The next three years in Parliament promise to be facinating for lawyers. If the provisional results hold, for the first time ever we will have (in effect) a single-party majority Government, before even considering support from ACT, United Future, and the Maori Party.