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Mai Chen: Voter apathy is a serious issue

18 Oct 2013 / News articles

Online voting may not solve the problem of low turnout, even if the technical feasibility of the system can be assured, writes Founding Partner Mai Chen.


Public law litigation

14 Oct 2013 / News articles

Chen Palmer specialises in challenging the legality of central and local government decision making


Mai Chen: US breakdown gives us a reminder

04 Oct 2013 / News articles

Founding Partner Mai Chen: If New Zealand's government was shut down what impact would that have on our lives?


Chen Palmer Celebrated On Innovation Index

20 Sep 2013 / Media releases

Chen Palmer is pleased to be listed on Australia and New Zealand’s first Legal Innovation Index, in recognition of Chen Palmer’s approach to driving innovation in Public and Employment Law.


Chen Palmer finalist in Law Awards

09 Sep 2013 / News articles

Chen Palmer has been selected as a finalist in three categories for the New Zealand Law Awards.


Mai Chen: Vital to keep on top of shifting employment law

06 Sep 2013 / News articles

Founding Partner Mai Chen writes about how Labour-led and National-led governments would differ in their approach to employment law.


Risks when dealing with the Crown

02 Sep 2013 / News articles

The High Court decision in the Quake Outcasts case - now under appeal - concerns the rights of uninsured property owners in the residential red zone.


Mai Chen at the ASB Great Debate

02 Sep 2013 / News articles

Mai Chen appeared at the ASB Great Debate, arguing that Lawyers are better than accountants


Simply trusting the Crown 'not enough'

31 Aug 2013 / News articles

The case of the Quake Outcasts shows the risks of dealing with the Crown, Mai Chen and Nick Russell write.


A Brave New World for Recreational Drugs – the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013

28 Aug 2013 / News articles

Senior Associate James Dunne writes about the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013 which has attracted global interest as a ground breaking new approach to drug policy.