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Council's camping notices said to be illegal

17 Apr 2014 / News articles


Mai Chen: Supermarket owner learns hard lesson

11 Apr 2014 / News articles

The furore regarding the letter sent by Progressive Enterprises' lawyers to the commerce select committee is a reminder that parliamentary select committees are not courts of law


Mai Chen: How to get more Asians on board

25 Mar 2014 / News articles

Doing business with Eastern countries can be effective only if there is cultural understanding.


Mai Chen: Only new legislation can fix rescue chopper money row

23 Mar 2014 / News articles

How the saga of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust and the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board is an example of when a litigation problem is really a legislative problem.


Mai Chen: Review of CCOs affects every Aucklander

28 Feb 2014 / News articles

Founding Partner Mai Chen on why Auckland Council's announcement that it will review its seven council-controlled organisations matters


Claire English comments on gender discrimination in an employment context

25 Feb 2014 / News articles

Chen Palmer Employment Law Senior Associate Claire English comments on employment discrimination on the grounds of gender.


Mai Chen: Aussies in clear breach of trade deal

14 Feb 2014 / News articles

Founding Partner Mai Chen: There are remedies against supermarkets pulling Kiwi produce but they require political will to get a result


Mai Chen talks about the Government's offer to Ngapuhi on TV3's Firstline

07 Feb 2014 / News articles

Chen Palmer founding partner Mai Chen believes the devil will be in the detail in terms of what the Government's upfront payment is for and who it will be made to, she told Firstline today.


Mai Chen: A good time to keep a close eye on what the politicians are up to

31 Jan 2014 / News articles

In election year, you need to know enough about what the govt is up to, and the other parties who may form the next govt so you can plan and take action if needed.


Chen Palmer expands

06 Dec 2013 / News articles

Chen Palmer has expanded to Christchurch