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EthnicA Auckland Conference 2013

23 Apr 2013 / News articles

Keynote session: Mai Chen - Leadership and Shaping New Zealand’s Future.


Privacy: Right, Value or Fundamental Interest?

22 Apr 2013 / News articles

As time goes by legal recognition of privacy in New Zealand continues to develop, but terminology remains uncertain, and this provides restrictions on privacy being protected to its fullest extent.



Mai's view: No pain no gain - how do Chinese become successful in New Zealand

19 Apr 2013 / News articles



Mai Chen: Alarming signs of state incompetence

18 Apr 2013 / News articles

Reports into Pike River tragedy and GCSB issues have highlighted lack of corporate hygiene and performance.


Mai Chen: EQC claims system needs fixing urgently

18 Apr 2013 / News articles

Cantabrians should lobby the Minister for Earthquake Recovery if they want the EQC claims management system reviewed, writes public law specialist Mai Chen.


Mai Chen: beef up Inspector-General's resources

15 Apr 2013 / News articles

Mai Chen is calling for the office of the Inspector-General to be given more resources, to better help it oversee the Government's spy agency.


Mai Chen: Homeowners can use OIA to get EQC info

11 Apr 2013 / News articles

EQC has taken court action to shut down the release of information from email attachments inadvertently sent from their offices. Public law specialist Mai Chen says they may be too late.


EQC goes to police over leak

28 Mar 2013 / News articles

Earthquake Commission critic Bryan Staples was unintentionally sent details of 98,000 claims from 83,000 people. "They could not have sent it to a worse person," he said.


Mai Chen: Dangers in picking a fight with Auckland

22 Mar 2013 / News articles

The Government needs to look again at what the country's biggest city has become before it triggers a head-on collision.


Mai Chen - IPANZ Lecture Series

20 Mar 2013 / News articles

Mai Chen speaks to IPANZ about Chief Executives, Ministers and Parliametary Scrutiny