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Embrace youthful migrants for Southland's future - Mai Chen

30 Oct 2015 / News articles

Southland needs to embrace youthful migrants to sustain its future as the region's ageing European population shrinks, lawyer and public policy expert Mai Chen says.


Superdiversity: Barriers to work could derail peaceable transition

26 Oct 2015 / News articles

Lack of meaningful jobs for migrants may trigger big problems, worries sociologist.


Superdiversity: Shaping New Zealand's future

22 Oct 2015 / News articles

Relishing a chance not shared in homeland.


Superdiversity: More saying 'I do' to intermarriage

21 Oct 2015 / News articles

An increasing number of children in NZ identifying with more than one ethnicity tests how we frame identity — but also offers huge opportunities on the world stage, writes Lincoln Tan in the third part of our series


Superdiversity: Ethnic diversity vital to success

20 Oct 2015 / News articles

Companies need to reflect the cultural mix of their customers, says report.


Mai Chen: Superdiversity has reached critical mass - it's New Zealand's future

20 Oct 2015 / News articles

Mai Chen looks at the challenges superdiversity poses New Zealand in the kick-off to a new Herald series


Superdiversity: Rainbow nation must prepare for change

19 Oct 2015 / News articles

The evolving face of NZ will be felt most in Auckland, writes Lincoln Tan in the first of a six-part Herald series on the challenges ahead.


St Matthew's Business Breakfast 2015

16 Oct 2015 / News articles

Mai Chen speaking at St Matthew's in the City Business Breakfast 2015


Mai Chen on Gisborne Holdings Ltd

13 Oct 2015 / News articles

GISBORNE District Council would have full control over Gisborne Holdings Ltd under a new constitution and that would include the power to sack the directors, leading constitutional lawyer Mai Chen said.


Culture smarts tipped to trump high IQ

25 Sep 2015 / News articles

"Cultural intelligence" will be more important than a high IQ when it comes to hiring staff in 10 years, says high profile lawyer Mai Chen.