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Let's make this nation even better

18 Jan 2016 / News articles

A new year is about new perspectives, and from the perspective of the rest for the world, there are many reasons why record numbers of tourists come to New Zealand and migrants want to settle here.


Paul Spoonley and Mai Chen on New Zealand identity

15 Jan 2016 / News articles

What does it mean to be a New Zealander in 2016? Noelle McCarthy explores migration, diversity and the changing "face" of our nation with Mai Chen and Paul Spoonley.


Mai Chen, semi-finalist 2016 New Zealander of the Year

29 Dec 2015 / News articles

Chen Palmer Managing Partner Mai Chen has been announced as one of the semi-finalists in the 2016 New Zealander of the Year.


December Update from the Superdiversity Centre

16 Dec 2015 / News articles


Highlights in this update include:

• Upcoming 3 March 2015 Conference – “What next for Superdiverse Auckland?”

• New Zealand’s first cultural competence training for polytechnic staff;

• New members of the Superdiversity Centre; and

• The Superdiversity Centre’s Culturally Capable Leaders video series.



Superdiversity: Briefing for the Public Service

07 Dec 2015 / News articles

On 25 November 2015, the Superdiversity Centre held a Briefing for the Public Service on the Superdiversity Stocktake. You can watch videos of the speakers here.


Adaptability key to success

30 Nov 2015 / News articles

By 2038 over half of New Zealand's population will be either Maori, Asian or Pacific Island. In fact that is close to the current breakdown in Auckland now, according the recent Super Diversity Stocktake report produced by Mai Chen.



'Superdiversity' - the new buzzword on the block

27 Nov 2015 / News articles

The Filipino Migrant covers the ramifications of ethnic superdiversity for business, Government and citizens.


Mai Chen: 'Superdiversity' and the need for business to 'get with the programme'

22 Nov 2015 / News articles

Andrew Dickens talks with Mai Chen about her 'Superdiversity Stocktake' and what more people, from more ethnic backgrounds means for businesses, the government and Kiwis.


Living wage litigation – A new era in local government accountability or a dead end?

20 Nov 2015 / News articles

Chen Partner Nick Russell on the judicial review of the decision by Wellington City Council to require its independent contractors to pay their employees the “living wage”.


Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Auckland as an island

19 Nov 2015 / News articles

The future of Auckland was the focus of a panel discussion chaired by Bill Ralston at the Auckland Museum. It features Marina Matthews, Partner at Chen Palmer.