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Marina Matthews: Current system "inaccurate" - Hekia Parata

02 Jul 2015 / News articles

Everyone wants to live in a neighbourhood with good schools. The publication of decile rankings is often seen as an opportunity to find out where the good schools are. But does the decile system really have anything to do with quality?


Marina Matthews: Proposed fee change will have an impact for PTE's

08 Jun 2015 / News articles

Budget 2015 was released on 21 May 2015 and while the media emphasis was on the Child Hardship Package, there was an important change for PTEs as part of Vote Tertiary Education. The Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, Hon Steven Joyce announced a reduction in the annual maximum fee movement (“AMFM”) for student fees.


Tribute to Lecretia Seales

05 Jun 2015 / Media releases

Chen Palmer senior staff pay tribute to Lecretia Seales.


Mai Chen: NZ melting pot needs special cooks

04 Jun 2015 / News articles

The ability to work with people from different and their own unique blended cultures is going to matter more.


James Dunne: Does Parliament have enough to do

29 May 2015 / News articles

After the Budget, concerns have been raised that the svelte state of Parliament's Order Paper - the roster of Parliament's daily business - suggests that Parliament is at risk of running out of business to attend to.


Ombudsman’s decision regarding expulsion

19 May 2015 / News articles

The Ombudsman recently released his decision regarding the expulsion of a student with special needs, which is a timely reminder for School boards about the importance of adhering to process and maintaining comprehensive records of disciplinary meetings.


Superdiversity law, policy and business stocktake announced

12 May 2015 / News articles

Mai Chen, Managing Partner at Chen Palmer New Zealand Public and Employment Law Specialists and Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Auckland, today announced the establishment of a Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business to compile a Superdiversity Stocktake of key statistics and analysis, studies and surveys to help Government, business, organisations and New Zealanders transition to the country’s rapidly changing demographic profile.


Mai Chen's In

12 May 2015 / Photos

Founding Partner Mai Chen's inaugural professorial lecture on superdiversity at the University of Auckland.


James Dunne: Concern about foreign ownership misses point

08 May 2015 / News articles

Is limiting foreign ownership of residential housing stock the solution to Auckland's ever-increasing house prices? Australia's experience with limiting foreign investment in residential housing suggests that it may not be quite that simple.


Marina Matthews interview for NewsTalkZB

07 May 2015 / News articles

Marina Matthews, Partner at Chen Palmer, joined Tim Fookes and Chris Fookes on NewstalkZB.