Superdiversity Centre

“Diversity is all the ways in which we differ” VR Hayles


The Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business is a multidisciplinary centre specialising in analysing the law, policy and business implications of New Zealand’s superdiversity. The vision for the Centre is to enable Government, business and NGOs to maximise the benefits of the ‘diversity dividend’ arising from New Zealand’s transition to a superdiverse society through:

  • Research and analysis of key superdiversity trends and challenges and how they affect particular aspects of New Zealand’s law, policy and business;
  • Analysis of the changing strategic context for Government, business and NGOs as a result of key superdiversity trends;
  • Advising Government, business and NGOs about changes to law, policy or strategy to adapt to a superdiverse environment, as well as developing recommendations for how law, policy and strategy should change; and
  • Providing support to Government, business and NGOs as they transition to a superdiverse strategic context.

Cultural Intelligence Training

The Superdiversity Centre also provides training in cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures, and is a vital skill in the modern world. Cultural intelligence training helps businesses, organisations and individuals understand cultural intelligence and how to succeed in an increasingly superdiverse global world.

Cultural training can vary from one-on-one coaching for key leaders or change champions, through to group workshops, audits and the development of strategic roadmaps to develop a culturally intelligent organisation.

Superdiversity Centre Services

The Superdiversity Centre provides the following services for its clients:

  • Superdiversity Strategic Plans – analysing the impact superdiversity has for a particular business or public agency in their sector of the market, or for their particular portfolio, and what needs to be done to maximise the competitive advantage and leverage from ethnic demographic changes, or to ensure that all NZers are taken account of and communicated with in policy, law, services, enforcement and consultation;
  • Cultural intelligence training for organisations;
  • Assessing the cultural capability of organisations;
  • Creating or peer reviewing diversity plans to ensure they are workable and consistent with best practice;
  • ASIA think tanks– ASIA stands for “Asian strategy, intelligence and analysis” where we bring together the top Asian leaders with expertise to help solve specific Asian issues for clients over a think tank session, usually starting with a lunch or a dinner roundtable; and
  • Analysing and assessing public policy and legal/regulatory developments from the perspective of NZ’s ethnic superdiversity.

Communicating with the Superdiverse

Communicating effectively with the superdiverse is vital to those who wish to reach, consult with, engage, or speak to all New Zealanders. The Superdiversity Centre can provide advice and assistance on communicating with all New Zealanders. If you would like to discuss how the Superdiversity Centre can help your organisation, please feel free to get in touch at , or contact one of the Centre’s personnel.

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