Client Testimonials

nib has always valued cultural capability and, given our increasingly diverse staff and customers, must grow that capability.

We have learned a lot about our cultural capability at nib from participating in the CQ audit and I am delighted at the high level of engagement from our team members.

We now know nib is diverse and our team speaks 50 languages. This cultural capability is fantastic. My senior management team and I are happy to recommend the Superdiversity Centre’s CQ Audit, Report and CQ Qualmark as a great way to add value to businesses that value cultural competence.

The report the Superdiversity Centre wrote us analysing the results of the CQ Audit) was pragmatic, incisive and helpful. It identified the low-hanging fruit which we are implementing with good results, along with training in CQ and subconscious bias.

I am very happy to recommend the Superdiversity’s CQ services.

Robert Hennin
Chief Executive Officer
nib New Zealand

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