Chen Palmer was the first public law firm in New Zealand

Chen Palmer was established over 25 years ago because its founders, Mai Chen and the Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC, identified a need for expert public law advice to assist members of the public and businesses in their dealings with Government. The challenge of dealing with Government agencies, particularly at times of change or crisis, was daunting for those without a background in law and public policy, and difficult even for experienced lawyers to navigate.

The gap between Government, business and the public remains complex and challenging under the coalition majority governments common under MMP. Chen Palmer exists to bridge that gap by giving those who must deal with Government the expert knowledge and legal tools they need to redress the power imbalance. Interactions with Government can feel like David and Goliath, but with the right strategic advice based on a sound knowledge of Government, and expert legal, political and media knowledge, the prospects of getting the right outcome significantly increase.

Chen Palmer specialises in regulatory requirements on business and organisations, and regulation. We have a team of lawyers that specialise in public and administrative law, employment law, public law litigation, education law and government/parliament/law reform.