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Mai Chen: Multiple Ground Discrimination

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Published by the New Zealand Law Society in LawTalk. A 21st century necessity. A new report by the Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business, to be published on or before February 2017, examines the need for an intersectional approach […]

How superdiversity can give your business an edge

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Published in the Spark Digital New Zealand As New Zealand becomes even more of a melting pot, businesses need to expand their thinking beyond traditional Kiwi audiences. Matching the market’s superdiversity is a way to super-charge results. We speak with […]

Shooting the Messanger

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The classic approach when a person is defamed is to sue the statement maker. However, this is not always practical when it comes to publication on the internet: that individual may be unidentifiable, in a different jurisdiction, or the type of person who will relish litigation and use the public forum of the court to continue their attack.