Government, Parliament and Law Reform

We can give you specialist advice on the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of government to directly advocate to decision-makers.

Chen Palmer has 24 years experience in interfacing with government and the government sector, which we draw upon to help organisations. Our specialist team led by Mai Chen can give you specialist advice on the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of government to directly advocate to decision-makers. We are adept at providing strategic advice to our clients on how to maximise government relationships and increase your profile with decision-makers.

We can help you engage with government and parliament on:

  • Strategic advice;
  • Engaging Parliament and key stakeholders;
  • Law reform and legislative strategy;
  • Law reform campaigns and media;
  • Public policy issues and decisions.

We have experience in helping citizens and businesses to engage effectively with the Government and other stakeholders, including:

  • Helping you to identify and communicate your message or issue;
  • Identifying and facilitating the development of sustainable and valuable networks both within and outside government;
  • Providing training to governance and management regarding how policy and law reform works, working with government and problem solving using the Public Law Toolbox;
  • Providing strategic advice on how the media, including social media, affects public perceptions of, and therefore public reaction to, your issues; and
  • Providing regular media monitoring and analysis relevant to your organisation and interests.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Developing successful strategies for law reform;
  • Working with officials on policy and policy development;
  • Drafting Bills and amendments to Bills;
  • Advising clients on Parliament, Parliamentary process and engaging constructively with Parliament; and
  • Giving our clients a 360 degree view of the strategic challenges and opportunities for successful law reform.

Some of the examples of our work in this area include:

  • Helping clients to understand what the Government is really saying about a public law problem, and what the Government can realistically do;
  • Providing clients with strategic advice about how to engage effectively with key government decision-makers, giving them an advantage when advocating for policy development;
  • Providing regular Parliament, public sector and media monitoring services to enable clients to better strategically orientate themselves when they advocated for law reform; and
  • Working with clients to expand their professional networks, in order to build momentum and support for a satisfactory resolution to their public law problem;
  • Working with clients to run successful public facing campaigns on issues of public concern.