Parliament and Law Reform

We can give you specialist advice on the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of government to directly advocate to decision-makers.

Chen Palmer has 26 years experience in interfacing with government and the public sector, which we draw upon to help organisations get law reform, and policy reform, outcomes through converging and understanding of law, policy, politics, Government and Parliament. We are adept at providing strategic advice to our clients on how to maximise government and parliament relationships and increase your profile with decision-makers.

Law and Policy Reform

Chen Palmer specialises in engaging with government and parliament on law and policy reform including knowing who the key decision makers are, identifying the relevant information, defining the mischief or issues that requires law and/or policy reform, and determining the range of remedies.

Our services include:

  • Developing successful strategies for law reform.
  • Drafting Bills and amendments to Bills, submissions to Select Committee and Government, and aide memoires and briefings to Ministers

Challenging Executive Decisions

Our lawyers are problem solvers, and have experience in advising individuals and organisation on how best to challenge an executive decision by a government department, agency, or regulator. It could be seeking a reconsideration of the decision, going to the Ombudsmen or going to courts. We use a Public Law Toolbox approach to provide you with the best solution.


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