October 16, 2017

A lawyer in your pocket – Mai Chen’s plan to revolutionise the legal industry

Published on Newshub

A new online platform that helps New Zealanders access specialist lawyers has just been launched.

MyAdvice.Legal allows clients to submit a legal request before lawyers bid to address the problem.

Lawyer and founder Mai Chen says they’re responding to the demands of the digital age.

“It’s clear to me there are savings to be made if we make better use of artificial intelligence. It’s also clear to me that clients expect a better level of service – they expect 24/7 service.”

Ms Chen says it is a win-win because it also helps lawyers break into firms.

“Women don’t necessarily do that well in terms of the partnership stakes. We know there are a lot of minority lawyers that sometimes find it difficult to distinguish themselves in firms. This site also allows them to be properly profiled.”

Ms Chen says it will also help those needing legal help in rural areas.

“There’s a video conferencing facility on the site… They may have their local lawyer who’s always helped them, but if they have a specialist problem it’s great that they can access somebody who is a real specialist in the area.”

Lawyers registered on the site will have expertise in more than 30 areas of the law.