May 3, 2018

The Panel with Jock Anderson, and Mai Chen (Part 1)

Radio New Zealand, 2 May 2018

QV says some first-buyers have decided owning a house is more affordable than renting. In some regions rent is almost as high as a mortgage repayment, though first-home buyers also need to raise a deposit. Some are using their kiwisavers to break into the market. Meanwhile it looks likely Labour will see an end to negative gearing by landlords. The panelists discuss. The New Zealand Herald is reporting an Auckland high school student was given a pamphlet that appeared to give advice on how to use methamphetamine. The Drug Foundation has defended the use of providing information to young people. The Panelists give their views. Mary Potter Hospice in Porirua has had to shut down its second-hand shop after heavy rain brough asbestos down from the roof. It also means up to 1000 boxes of donations will have to be chucked in case of contamination. We ask spokeswoman Philippa Sellens whether this is just a precaution and what that means for the shops. Victoria Univeristy is looking to change its name to the University of Wellington to eliminate what it says is confusion with overseas institutions. Its Vice-chancellor says other univeristies may be taking credit for research done at the campus. A new report says 40 per cent of degrees will soon be obsolete. Traditional degrees could disappear within a decade the report has found. Automation has been sited as one of the reasons for the shift. We ask the panelists what they think. Auckland ratepayers’ money, one assumes, is now paying for the advertisements we’re hearing, asking people how they want the new regional fuel tax spent