September 5, 2019

Superdiversity Institute welcomes report on diverse thinking

Published on Scoop and Voxy 

5 September 2019 

The Superdiversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business welcomes the Centre for Social Impact’s report on diverse thinking in the not for profit (NFP) and non government organisation (NGO) sector.

The report, “What is the Future for NGO Governance?”, outlines the critical challenges and opportunities for NGO boards including recruiting, inducting and retaining members with the diverse skills and experience needed at the board table.

“When I was writing the “Diverse Thinking Capability Audit of New Zealand Boardrooms 2018”, I realised there may be differences in diverse thinking capabilities, issues and challenges, depending on whether it was a private sector, public sector or NFP board. I am grateful to the Centre for Social Impact for leveraging off the 2018 audit to provide unique learnings for NFP boards,” said Mai Chen, Chair of the Superdiversity Institute.

Given the importance of good governance to the performance of an NGO and the limited knowledge of what currently happens around the board table, this report builds on the approach of the Diverse Thinking Capability Audit of New Zealand Boardrooms 2018 and translates them through an NGO lens.

Ms Chen said “by seeking to share and celebrate the valuable work that currently happens around NGO board tables in New Zealand, the research in this report demonstrates the importance of “Diverse Thinking” for governance bodies in the NGO sector, as well as the private and public sector”.

You can see the report here