Working at Chen Palmer

No two days are the same at our firm – it’s fast paced, exciting and fulfilling. Working at Chen Palmer is an opportunity like no other to work on the cutting edge of public law. Our lawyers are immersed in a breadth of specialist practice areas so they are constantly learning and growing.

We produce high quality advice and we have a diverse team. We hire people who dream big, get things done and know how to have fun.

Chen Palmer is above all a learning institution. We provide mentorship and professional development opportunities to help our staff progress their legal career.

Find out what our other lawyers have to say about working at Chen Palmer below.

“I joined Chen Palmer because I wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of working on cutting edge public law issues. I knew I would be challenged and was challenged from day one. Everyone is supportive and committed to delivering quality advice to all clients. It has been one of the best moves in my legal career and I am very fortunate to be mentored by our team of public law experts.”


­“When I joined Chen Palmer Partners it was with the hope of finding a role that would broaden my experience, as I felt stifled by the legal work I was doing at that time.  From day one, I got what I was looking for: Chen Palmer Partners is a dynamic and fast-paced working environment, where no two assignments (or days) are the same.  The work is stimulating, and the role requires focus and significant commitment to the task at hand; however, the professional rewards are great, and it’s fair to say that I’ve learnt more at my time with Chen Palmer Partners than I did in my previous role.

“Working at Chen Palmer Partners has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of different areas of law and expand my skill-set. Chen Palmer Partners also emphasises inclusivity. The other employees are always available to help and support me. Even when they have impending deadlines, they are always willing to take a moment to provide me with advice and guidance. As a member of a minority demographic, in other workplaces I have felt out of place. Here, I feel comfortable and have never been made to feel uncomfortable because of my ethnicity.”

“Coming to work at Chen Palmer was a breath of fresh air. It’s a completely different environment from any other workplace I’ve ever been in. There is a great atmosphere amongst the team here; everyone works together to achieve results as opposed to competing against one another. One thing which is unique about Chen Palmer is the drive to go beyond providing standard legal advice. We don’t just tell clients that the law is, we can also tell them what it might be in the future and how they could go about changing it. It’s that holistic approach that keeps so many clients coming back to the firm.”

“I joined Chen Palmer as a law clerk and in my years here I have been challenged, supported, and inspired. I have grown as a lawyer, and been led along my way by excellent colleagues and strong firm leadership. Chen Palmer is a fantastic place to grown, learn and develop your skills as a lawyer – and it is also a place where you are given the freedom to achieve anything you set your mind to.”