Nick Russell


Nick Russell is an experienced public law litigator who has appeared as counsel in a range of key cases at the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Privy Council.

Nick Russell has practised law since 1997 and has a LLB(Hons) from the University of Auckland. He is an experienced public law litigator who has appeared as counsel in a range of key cases at the High Court, Court of Appeal and in the Supreme Court and Privy Council, as well as in various alternative dispute resolution forums including mediation and arbitration. His areas of practice are: public law; commercial litigation; judicial review; competition law; telecommunications; health; insurance; privacy and media law.

Nick’s areas of expertise include:
• Public law litigation and judicial review: Advising on and representing clients in disputes involving public entities, including applications to the High Court for judicial review of statutory decisions;
• Commercial litigation: contracts,torts and equity litigations;
• Regulatory: Advising clients on compliance with or breaches of statutory regulation, particularly in the competition, energy and telecommunications fields. Nick also represents clients in these fields in disputes with regulators;
• Media and defamation: Nick has acted for publishers, broadcasters and producers, particularly in television. He specialises in defamation and broadcasting standards;
• Health law: Nick has acted for health practitioners and regulators on a wide range of matters including regulatory compliance, complaints, professional discipline and associated litigation;

His Court appearances include:
• Heinz Ollman & Ors v Auckland Khmer Buddhist Association Incorporated & Ors CIV-2013-404-003281;
• Te Kohanga Reo National Trust v Maori Television CIV-2013-485-6215 [2013] NZHC 2490;
• Ringi v Gosselin and Attorney-General CA3/2013, Cook Islands Court of Appeal;
• Collings v Medical Council of New Zealand [2013] NZHC 825;
• Unison Networks v Commerce Commission SC12/2007 [2008] 1 NZLR 42;
• The Aotearoa Claim concerning Te Wananga o Aotearoa, WAI 1298 (2005) (Counsel for the Claimants);
• Wislang v Medical Council of New Zealand [2004] UKPC 59 (Privy Council); [2002] NZAR 573 (CA);
• Livingstone v Institute of Environmental Science & Research Ltd (2003) 20 CRNZ 253 (CA);
• Watson v Television New Zealand Ltd [2002] NZAR 524;
• Libra Developments Ltd v Clark CIV-2002-412-39, HC Dunedin, 4 February 2005, Chisolm J;
• Pahau v Medical Council of New Zealand CIV-2003-404-2103 HC Auckland, 4 December 2003, O’Regan J; and
• Director of Proceedings v Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal [2003] NZAR 250.

Nick regularly appears at seminars and publishes articles, many of which are published in our news pages.

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